necessary roughness rewatch | 1.1 Pilot
"You will catch your baby."

"When I was 22, I joined the Navy. And then I did some…Other things."
"What kind of other things?"
Classified things.”

NR outtake from 2.8 “A Load of Bull” (language)



RIPNecessary Roughness
June 29, 2011 – August 21, 2013

My specialties include chicken parmigiana, cognitive behavioral therapy, and kicking my patients’ butts. Beyond that, if you would like a money back guarantee then you should go buy a washing machine.

Anonymous asked: Necessary Roughness has fans all over the world, not just in USA. Do you think it is at all possible that Netflix would want to pick up NR for season 4? I am from Holland and s03 is airing here now. I was shocked that they cancelled it, and that is why I am now thinking of ways to bring it back.

NR getting picked up by a Netflix/Amazon/streaming site/whoever would be a dream come true, but I’m not sure it’ll be likely. From what I’ve seen, the online presence here on tumblr, on twitter, on getglue, etc. might not be large enough to inspire that to happen. 

But if I’m wrong, show them that there are people who very much want the show to keep running and make petitions, tweet streaming sites to pick NR up, and whatever else that The Killing fan must have done to keep going!

Smile because it happened guys. It was a great 3 years.

Based on this tweet by Scott Cohen, it looks like USA has finally made a decision.


Spread the word guys! Tweet the hell out of it.